SEABIKE VS FINS, what about the RMV?

Following the introduction of Seabike in May 2017, many people have fallen in love with the product at first sight, its performance, its brand new concept and obviously its high grade of quality.

At the same time many questions have surged in the diving world. We will try to answer them.

Evidently in the diving world such game changer innovations are pretty rare. Until now propulsion assistance kept the fins in, with Seabike they are out. So the matter is of interest.

The most asked and crucial question is about air consumption and we will answer it right now.

First of all, lets make a list of prejudices that lead to presumed higher air consumption :

  1. Pedalling vs use of fins
  2. Added drag
  3. High pedalling frequency
  4. Brand new product…
seabike standard vue 3/4 avant

Issue by issue the answers :

1. Pedalling vs flippers

Underwater pedalling involve muscles that are quite different from those used with fins. Walking, running and bicycle riding use the ones Seabike is asking for help to move forward (or backward; think about this one). They are the most reliable (24/7 use), powerful and efficient of the human body. Using them with Seabike is a real good idea and the overall gain is close to 30% in terms of performance. The intrinsic hydro-dynamical efficiency of the propeller does the rest of the job.

2. Drag

Seabike is an insert to the usual diver package and it could increase the frontal area and consequently the drag. Hopefully thanks to its clever design this fear is not pertinent, the shape of Seabike disapears from the horizontal projection of the whole diver except for the fwd anti-roll foil. You certainly noticed the streamlined aspect of Seabike, this is not a fluke, from the leading edge to the trailing one everything is made to reduce drag. As a conclusion no added drag for Seabike compared to fins where the simple up and down alternative movement generate a tremendous frontal area increase and drag.

3. High frequency pedalling

This question is the funniest because she drives you to chilhood. You certainly remember your first tricycle whose tiny pedals made you pedals so quick you surely lost the pedals every time you tried to overpass your cousin at Christmas. The pedals of Seabike are short also but in one purpose, reduce the front area therefore drag of pedalling. No need to speed up the pedals (ratio pedals/prop. is 3.7 :1) a smooth and regular movement is the most efficient and furthermore high speed pedalling is not possible due to the uncompressibility and viscosity of the water.

4. Brand new

Seabike is highly innovative. Seabike is well designed and manufactured (thanks to its nautical engineer/inventor and many years of tests), ergonomic, reliable and easy to use because it is simple, those who have already test it can assert. Seabike is much more powerful and efficient. These are facts not blablabla; faster, farther, easier, Seabike does it all.

vue éclatée du seabike


LETS GO TECHNICAL NOW : What is the RMV with Seabike ?

To refresh your memory some data from the factory in usual conditions :

Depth 11m, Speed 1.5 m/s, RMV=21 L/min, SAC=44L/min where RMV means Respiratory Minute Volume and SAC Surface Air Consumption

In order to prove what is announced we performed two underwater tests to measure RMV in identical conditions using fins and Seabike.

Results are amazing, videos are astonishing, Seabike outperformed fins with a ratio of TWO, either RMV or speed.

Tests took place in an olympic swimming pool, the first one with equal speed (0.52 m/s) and the second at max speed.

Each run was leaded by Seabike with a tremendous margin.

Equal speed test conditions : depth 4.3 m, Speed 0.52 m/s, Distance 500 m

SEABIKE : RMV=19.8 L/min       FINS : 40 L/min

Here are graphs :

the Respiratory Minute Volume of seabike


Respiratory Minute Volume using fins


Regarding the second test, we didn’t need figures the video is enlightening, Seabike take the lead and wins with a tremendous margin, have a look.

As a conclusion, Seabike is a revolution for diving or snorkeling , you should try it, don’t miss that, it is an amazing machine and once you have tested it, you cannot forget it.

Olivier, big toys on board.

Play it big, pack it small.

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